Tendez | About


Tendekai is an African born  London based artist known as Tendez in his practice. His complete lifestyle revolves around  an artistic practice  through  which  he manages to explore his talent and skills.

His work varies by using mixed media to illustrate the diverse cultures of art and advantages of his African background and heritage in his artistry. He believes that art has many definitions because the world is concreted by different ideas that creates the ways we live. He has developed as a  brand that  generates ideas to make art a living key towards success. Influenced by education, Tendekai adopted many exercises that kept him focused on simplicity but sophisticated approach towards life within the art industry.

Being a creativist gives me a wider understanding of the changes which I desire to see. It  uplifts my imagination to better the conditions in our society. Art is one of the tools to advance.

His passion and love for art is seen in the composition of colors  he uses to employ contrast. This brings the audience to a particular point of interest in his work.  Tendekai specializes in portraiture, landscape and writing. He sees art as everything around us. The chance to be in education is an advantage to adopt in the art industry.

Success is happiness and love is the influence.

Tendekai has succeeded to turn himself into a brand. As a brand, he works with disadvantaged artists and develop  them into  successful businesses. His approach is seen in collaborative ideas that brought in opportunities for him to expand. He maintains his abilities through research and practice.